I basically paint my life and how I see it and feel it. My style of painting is gestural and intuitive. I call this style of painting ‘alla prima’, meaning quickly and spontaneously. I usually complete each piece in one session so that my work looks fresh and sketchy, yet finished. Having a background in dance and massage therapy, painting is another way for me to express myself without the use of words.

Feelings and emotions are more important to me than technique, and I have found the female nude is a great subject through which I can communicate them. It is also a challenging subject. Through the subject of the female nude – which I often show in a natural environment – my goal is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. I want to portray women as strong, beautiful, proud and comfortable, and I think my interpretation of the female nude shows those qualities without the sexual connotation of lust. As a woman, I want the subjects of my paintings to not merely be seen as sexual objects, but rather to allow other women to accept themselves in their own bodies.

I also enjoy painting landscapes, mostly out of doors en ‘plein air’.  I work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and oil pastels.